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> High performance crack isolation membrane and elastomeric dry-set mortar 


Gray or white.

3 sizes available

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FLEXRITE is a high performance grade, technological break-through in the development of a truly  elastomeric dry-set mortar for the installation of ceramic tile and stone. Composed of a unique synergism of latex polymers and portland cement, FLEXRITE may also be used as an elastomeric crack isolation membrane for the installation of ceramic tile, marble, slate and granite over a variety of surfaces

> Use as crack treatment for isolation of shrinkage cracks 1/8” wide or less
> Creates a super elastomeric, flexible bond for ceramic, porcelain tile and natural stone over a variety of substrates including exterior glue plywood (EGP)
> Interior / exterior  
> Easily applied with trowel
> Two part system, requires Flexrite powder