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> High performance bonding agent


Primer 1 gallon container, four 1 gallon/case.

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Use BONDING PRIMER 500 for approved interior installations prior to the application of Texrite’s Flowrite 250 or Flowrite 250 FS products to prevent early loss of water and aid in adhesion. May also be used as an admixture to Flowrite 250 or Flowrite 50 FS powder. BONDING PRIMER 500 must be diluted at a ratio of 1:1 (by volume) with clean, potable water. For detailed application instructions with the Flowrite 250 or Flowrite 250 FS follow instructions on the bags or product data sheets.

> Use with flowrite 250 or flowrite 250 fs as a surface preparation primer  

Improves bond of dry-sets mortars, cement repair patches and screeds  

Use as slurry coat mix for hard to bond-to-surfaces  

> Easily applied with paint roller or brush