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> Builders grade, high strength grout for tile, brick and pavers

AR Grout is available in 12 standard colors. Special colors upon request (min. quantities batch lots).

50 lb (22.7 kg) multi-wall bags and 10 pound boxes.

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AR SANDED Grout is a builders grade grout, blend of portland cement and specially graded silica sand to form a dense matrix free of any voids. In addition, special chemicals have been added to provide a rapid cure, high compressive  strength and low shrinkage. AR Grout should not be considered as a completely acid resistant grout since portland cement is not resistant to constant acid attack. AR Grout is compounded with colorfast pigments and special dispersants to oer an attractive grout that will enhance the beauty of any tile installation

> A dense high strength grout for tile, brick and pavers  
> For joints from 1/8” – ½” (3-13 mm)  
> Can be used in any installation from residential to commercial  
> High compressive strength  
> Low shrinkage  
> Mix with Acrylic Admix 150 fs in place of water for freeze-thaw environments