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> Professional grade, mold resistant, polymer modified, tile sanded grout with AMT

AC-CENT® SANDED Grout is available in 27 standard colors. 

25 lb (11.3 kg) bags.

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AC-CENT® SANDED Grout is a professional grade, scientifically advanced polymer modified portland cement based colored grout. AC-CENT®’s unique blend of portland cement, specially graded silica fillers, powdered latex modifiers and colorfast pigments provides for a superior grout with excellent flexural and bond strength, color control, minimal eorescence and high compressive strength. Because AC-CENT® SANDED Grout is protected by AMT (anti-microbial technology), it resists basteria, mold and fungus and associated bacterial

> For joints from 1/8” to ½”
> Mold and mildew protection  
> Dense, high strength grout  
> Improved flexural and bond strength  
> Efflorescence suppression  
> Superior color control