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TXR 300

> Professional grade, 3 in 1 urethane wood flooring adhesive


3.5 and 5 gallon pail

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TXR 300 is a three in one urethane moisture barrier and wood flooring adhesive. Designed to install wood
flooring material such as laminated /engineered flooring and parquet flooring over concrete. Application of this
product gives the moisture barrier and the wood flooring adhesive in one easy trowel on application.

> Excellent reduction in time and costing with the 3 in 1 combination of urethane moisture barrier, sound suppressant and wood flooring adhesive  
> Low VOC and minimal odor  
> Formula holds trowel ridges and non-slump properties  
> Better applications with good wet/green grab characteristics  
> Final adhesive set, provides an excellent bond and moisture barrier  
> High elastomeric properties allow coverage over small cracks and produces a cushioned and acoustical quieter floors