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SCREED 100 System

> Professional grade, cement based resurfacer and patching underlayment

Free-flowing white liquid component and a non-sanded gray powder consisting of cement organic and inorganic chemicals.


1 gallon liquid and 35 lb powder, 5 gallon liquid and 5-35 lb powder, 55 gallon liquid and 55-35 lb powder.

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SCREED 100 System is a self-curing, portland cement based, fine aggregate and liquid latex based floor leveling system designed for fills from feather-edge to a depth of 0” - 3/8” (0-10 mm). It is designed to be used over concrete or other portland cement based substrates. Produced under rigid control, formulated with high durability latex and cement, SCREED 100 System conforms to the highest quality standard.

> Apply from feather edge to 3/8” inch thick in a single application
> Screed, patch, repair surface to level or pitch to slope
> Bonds to old concrete
> Finish as smooth steel trowel or fine broom finish
> Resurface scared, pitted, spalled concrete, walls or curbs
> Indoor and outdoor application
> Unaffected by water contact
> Latex-polymer modified
> Requires Latex Bond Admix 150 liquid