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> High performance fast-drying, polymer-modified cement based patching compound 

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PATCH 125 FS is a polymer modified, fast curing, mildew resistant, portland cement based floor leveling system for leveling most floor types prior to the installation of resilient flooring, carpet, wood flooring, ceramic or stone tile. For most applications PATCH 125 FS requires only the addition of water to develop a dense water resistant surface. This product contains special chemicals which, when properly mixed (with water only), will feather edge to a non-cheking, durable surface.

> Feather edge to ½” thickness
> Fast setting patch
> Portland cement based
> No gypsum
> Mildew resistant
> Interior / exterior
> Trowelable
> Will not crack or shrink
> Trowel marks sand with ease
> Skimcoat old prepared cutback adhesive
> Add water only