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Yes. Use TexRite AC-CENT polymer modified sanded grout in joints from 1/8”-1/2” wide. For best results, use TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 epoxy grout that requires no sealing and is much easier to maintain than cement grout.
A polymer modified grout like, TexRite AC-CENT grout would always be a good choice for exterior tile installations. The type of tile, expected use and similar questions need to be answered for the best recommendation. For increased performance, mix this grout with TexRite ColorCure grout additive instead of water.
There are many variables that influence the answer i.e. tile size and thickness, joint width and depth. Please go to the Application and Coverage Charts option on the menu page to use the online calculator.
All cement grouts should be sealed. Cement grouts that are polymer modified, have a much lower absorption factor than non-modified cement grouts, but they are still cement based and should be sealed with a premium gout sealer. The grout installation should be allowed to cure for 28 days and complete satisfaction with the grout color should be realized prior to the application of sealers. Remember, grout sealers provide a time window to wipe up spills and need to be reapplied periodically during the life of the installation. Using TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 epoxy grout removes the need for any grout sealers
Sanded grouts can scratch polished marble and soft ceramic tile glazes. Therefore; a non-sanded grout would be used. Best practice is to always test grout in a small area to determine compatibility with the stone or tile finishes specified.